Mental Health Support

Mental Health Awareness Month: Supporting Intended Parents

Intended parents often encounter stressful and uncertain circumstances when embarking on their fertility journey. As May is Mental Health Awareness month, it’s vital for clinics to understand the strain this journey can put on their patients and their families. When clinics support their patients with specific mental health services, it can drastically improve their patients’ morale and outlook during this time. Here are three ways that clinics can support their patients’ mental health and increase their outlook during this potentially stressful time.

Provide Mental Health Resources

Many clinics have a plethora of informational resources on the science and specifics of fertility medicine, but there are other resources that clinics can provide to their intended parents to improve their health. Resources on coping strategies for stress and anxiety can help improve the overall outlook on one’s fertility journey. Accompanied with references to local mental health professionals, information on regulating the emotions accompanying their journey can give intended parents a sense of control in a potentially overwhelming time.

Recommend Community Groups

According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 6 adults will experience issues with fertility. While infertility can feel isolating, intended parents don’t have to go through the stress alone. Clinics can provide support and community for those going through similar stages in their fertility journey. Creating support groups, whether in-person or online, is a great way to create a space where patients can ask questions, share their stories, and provide encouragement to one another. When clinics encourage connection, it helps to reduce feelings of isolation and promote a sense of community and belonging.

Partner with a Trusted Supply Chain Management Company

Transferring reproductive materials both domestically and internationally is a vital part of some intended parents’ journey. By partnering with a trusted supply chain management company like Cryoport Systems, clinics can reduce stress and add certainty to the process of shipping eggs, sperm, and embryos. With our intelligent logistics solutions, compliant industry practices, and powerful informatics, Cryoport Systems can help clinics provide certainty to patients’ fertility journeys and give patients confidence that their reproductive material will always be transported safely and efficiently.

May is Mental Health Awareness month, and knowing the ways to relieve stress and uncertainty from intended parents’ journeys can promote wellness and fertility success. For more specific information on how Cryoport Systems can provide certainty to your supply chain, contact us on our website.