Transporting Your Reproductive Materials – An Interview with Jessica Manns of Explaining IVF

Cryoport Systems was honored to be interviewed by Explaining IVF through Instagram Live. Jessica Manns, Embryologist and creator of Explaining IVF, spoke with Cryoport Systems’ Global Vice President of Reproductive Medicine, John Phillips, about the process of shipping reproductive materials, Cryoport Systems’ transport abilities, and our risk-mitigating solutions that brings peace of mind to prospective parents. 

In their conversation, the two discussed common fears prospective parents have about shipping their materials and how Cryoport Systems helps bring certainty to the process. Jessica asked John key questions such as: 

  • How does Cryoport Systems assist prospective parents on their fertility journeys? 
  • What does Cryoport Systems do to bring peace of mind to the sensitive material transport process? 
  • How does Cryoport Sytems mitigate risk throughout the transport process?  
  • Does Cryoport Systems ship internationally or only within the United States? 


To learn the answers to these questions and gain an understanding of Cryoport Systems’ secure transport abilities for the reproductive medicine market, watch the interview now! 



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