Providing the Cleanest Shipper for the Transport of Your Most Precious Materials through Veri-Clean®

When you’re sending your eggs, embryos, or sperm from clinic to clinic, have you ever considered the cleanliness of the tank that is transporting your valuable materials? Many patients overlook this detail and may assume it is clean, but it is critical that your materials are transported in the most sanitary conditions possible to avoid any cross-contamination from previous shipments. Shipper cleanliness is a top priority at Cryoport Systems and that’s why we have recently improved and implemented a first-of-its-kind cleaning and disinfection methodology, Veri-Clean®.

Veri-Clean® virtually eliminates the risk of contamination for all Cryoport Express® cryo-shippers and stainless-steel accessories accumulated during normal use. Utilizing a proprietary reagent, the Veri-Clean® process reduces external and environmental contaminants such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, including the human coronavirus, by 99.9999% — a conclusion that has been validated by an independent accredited laboratory. Every Cryoport Systems shipper goes through the Veri-Clean® cleaning process prior to assignment to an order, ensuring its utmost cleanliness for its next use. The Veri-Clean® process is implemented at all Cryoport System’s Global Logistics and Supply Chain Centers to serve our clients worldwide.

At Cryoport Systems, we are dedicated to risk mitigation and traceability to protect your precious and valuable embryos, eggs and sperm. Our experienced team understands just how important this journey is to you and your family, and our improved validated cleaning process is an additional way of providing you with peace of mind. As industry experts with over 10 years of shipping experience, we are confident that your irreplaceable materials are in safe (and very clean) hands.

To learn more about our Veri-Clean® cleaning and disinfection process, contact our team today or watch the video below.