International shipping

4 Assets that Support International Reproductive Material Shipping

According to the Reproductive BioMedical Journal, over 2.5 million cycles of IVF are performed globally each year, many of which are performed for intended parents who are traveling out of their own country for the service. Fertility tourism is the rising trend of traveling to a different country for reproductive health treatments. Many intended parents opt for fertility tourism to seek global clinics with lower prices for services while others take advantage of medical services not available within the vicinity of their home.

Whatever the reason, fertility tourism relies on the ability to safely transport your reproductive material internationally. Cryoport Systems’ experience in shipping has handled over 665,000 sensitive material shipments to over 150 countries. Our breadth of shipping services can transport your embryos or gametes across the country or across the world while maintaining their integrity throughout the transport process. Here are four reasons why Cryoport Systems is the most dependable provider of international sensitive material shipments for clinics and intended parents.

International Facilities

Cryoport Systems is an organization with a global reach. While our headquarters is in Tennessee, we have strategically located supply chain centers in California, Texas, and New Jersey that make shipping within and from the United States easy. For international shipments, we currently have supply chain centers in The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Japan, Singapore, and Australia. The numerosity of our facilities allows us to reach more clinics and intended parents with our expansive fleet of shippers. This helps tremendously in cutting back the time required to plan for shipping processes in comparison to other providers.

Knowledge of International Regulations

Cryoport Systems has a team of dedicated professionals who specifically assist clients with international transportation. The Trade Services Consulting team has extensive knowledge of the needed documentation, how to determine landed cost, government agency assistance, and other services that makes the international shipping process more manageable for clinics and intended parents. These other capabilities include services such as:

  • Identifying what may be required when shipping on a new international lane.
  • Knowledge of when a commodity needs additional licenses or permits for import or export.
  • Reviewing current delayed international shipments.

Cryoport Systems’ Trade Services Consulting team is a benefit to both clinics and intended parents because their services can take some uncertainty attributed to moving sensitive material out of the equation.

Constant Condition Monitoring & Location Tracking

Cryoport Systems’ breadth of intelligent logistics solutions can do more to mitigate risk to your sensitive material during transit than other providers. The Cryoport Solution is comprised of the Cryoportal® 2 Logistics Management Platform, Smartpak II® Condition Monitoring System, and Live View™ Display and works to monitor both the interior and exterior conditions of your shipment throughout its entire journey.

This intelligent logistics solution tracks each shipment for:

  • Location
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Light
  • Orientation
  • Humidity
  • Shock

Additionally, each shipment receives 24/7/365 customer support from Cryoport Systems. Our team has the ability to step in and intercede if a risk does arise that may threaten the integrity of your shipment. The Cryoport Solution gives clinics and intended parents the peace of mind that their material arrived in the new country in the same condition as when it left its original destination.

Rigorous Shipper Cleaning & Disinfection Standards

Sensitive material like eggs or sperm need to be transported in shippers with strict cleaning standards. However, not all providers have a process in place to test and clean their shippers to ensure they are in perfect condition between uses. Cryoport Systems is the only supply chain management provider to requalify every shipper after each use to ensure physical sustainability, cleanliness, LN2 capacity, and a minimum-required hold time threshold.

Our Veri-Clean® validated cleaning and disinfection process is the first and only solution of its kind. With it, clinics and intended parents can be sure that their sensitive material is always placed in a clean shipper. Veri-Clean® decontaminates the inside and outside of all our shippers and stainless-steel accessories by 99.9999%. This stringent process virtually eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between transported sensitive materials.

Cryoport Systems’ transportation abilities make us the most trusted provider for international sensitive material shipping. Our global presence connects us to more clinics around the world and our stringent compliance standards help to mitigate risk throughout the entire journey.

To showcase our ability to support all aspects of the reproductive medicine supply chain, we’re proud to be a sponsor of XII ASEBIR Congress 2023. On November 15-17, our team members will be present at the conference in Palma, Spain to show how our transportation expertise can assist with your reproductive material shipping needs. Schedule a meeting with our experts in advance to discuss.