Cryoshuttle® Local Delivery and Pickup: Now Serving More Areas

Many intended parents often need to move their precious reproductive materials locally from clinic to clinic for a variety of reasons, whether that be due to a change in fertility doctors, lower costs, or relocating. Local shipments require just as much care and attention as any long-distance transport, and Cryoport Systems has created a specialized solution to mitigate risk even further for those local deliveries. Cryoport owns and operates an in-house fleet of shuttles, Cryoshuttle®, which provides convenient and personalized local pickup and delivery service in select geographical regions that are in proximity to Cryoport Systems’ Global Logistics and Supply Chain Centers. We are proudly serving the Southern California area including Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, the Houston Metropolitan Area in Texas, New York City Metro and New Jersey, as well as internationally around Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

All IVF shipments that need to be locally transported and are within an eligible region are automatically scheduled by our dedicated customer service team. Our Cryoshuttle® drivers hand deliver shipments on the same day it leaves one of our facilities and at a more affordable rate. Having the shipment arrive at its destination on the same dispatch day provides not only fast delivery but also allows a longer hold time of our Cryoport Express® shippers to ensure your commodities are in the best condition possible. Cryoshuttle® drivers are highly qualified, uniformed Cryoport employees who are specifically trained to handle specialized equipment according to client processes, following standard IVF industry recommendations. These custom-built vehicles are equipped with video surveillance to oversee driving conditions and state-of-the-art routing software to provide our drivers with the safest, most optimal and efficient routes available. This seamless direct handling, traceability and visibility of the Cryoport team and your valuable materials equate to a significant reduction in compromised conditions during local transport. If a shock event occurs while in transit, our 24/7 customer service team is immediately notified to intervene through our complete control and near real time monitoring of the shipment, from our Cryoportal® Logistics Management Platform to the Cryoshuttle® driving out in the field. This enhanced visibility and traceability extends our Chain of Compliance® risk mitigation and quality-driven process even further, ultimately having your precious specimen arrive at its destination with the utmost care it deserves.

If your clinic is not within the areas that Cryoshuttle® is currently available, please do not be discouraged. We have expansion plans of Cryoshuttle® to additional locations for our clients and intended parents all around the world and will announce the new service areas as they become available. Cryoport is dedicated to providing the most innovative and comprehensive logistics and supply chain solutions for the reproductive medicine industry.