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MIT Technology Review Writer Shares Her Personal IVF Shipping Experience

Cryoport was recently interviewed as part of a blog piece in MIT Technology Review, discussing the writer’s personal IVF journey and her experience with transporting her reproductive materials. This blog highlights the history of IVF, modern logistics capabilities and how IVF and surrogacy can be a reality for those hoping to have children across the globe.

An estimated 2.5 million assisted reproduction cycles are performed globally each year, and Mark Sawicki, CEO of Cryoport Systems, believes that around 100,000 of these cycles involve transport of frozen materials. There are many reasons why people might need to ship eggs, embryos, and sperm from one place to another: lower costs, legal regulations in different countries, access to specific selection of donor gametes, or moving across the country. The ability to move frozen eggs, embryos and sperm across the border allows tens of thousands of patients to access this type of reproductive care.