Success Story: Journey to Parenthood with the Boyles

Cryoport Systems works with intended parents around the world to help them with their fertility journey. Our specialty as a provider of cryogenic shipping solutions for temperature-controlled materials allows us to provide a value to our clients that doesn’t end once we deliver their reproductive materials.

Ashlee and Bethany Boyle from Enfield, Connecticut began their fertility journey two years ago. When the need to ship their reproductive materials became vital to continue this journey, Cryoport Systems was able to assist with this important step. Now as they await the birth of their baby, the Boyles took the time to sit down with us and detail their fertility story and Cryoport Systems’ impact on their journey to parenthood.

The Start of Their Journey

The Boyles began planning their journey in January 2021. They looked into different options and decided that IUI was the best fit for Ashlee as the carrier. After purchasing eight vials of sperm, they were ready to start.

However, after five rounds of IUI, they were unable to conceive. Their OB-GYN recommended that they switch to IVF, but to do so they would need to utilize to a different clinic that was covered by their insurance.

The Boyles weren’t sure of the next step to take but remained hopeful that their journey to parenthood wasn’t coming to a stop. “Everything happens for some sort of reason,” said Ashlee. “Even if we don’t know what it is in the moment.”

Their original clinic referred them to CNY Fertility in Albany, NY for IVF treatments. The only problem was that this clinic was now a two-hour drive away from their home. In order to continue with treatments, the Boyles needed to coordinate getting the three remaining vials of sperm from their original clinic close to home in Connecticut to the new clinic in New York.

Transition Across State Lines for IVF

When the Boyles were first told that they’d need to coordinate the transportation, they worried that meant they would have to be the ones to safely and compliantly take their reproductive materials across state lines. While that is an option for many intended parents, both their original and their new clinic had existing experience with Cryoport Systems. The clinic staff was able to ease their concern and detail how Cryoport Systems specializes in temperature-controlled shipping that’s accompanied by logistics management platform tools to mitigate risk to the Boyles’ materials throughout its transport journey.

“The thought of coordinating the transportation was much more stressful than the actual process with Cryoport Systems,” said Bethany. As they further explored shipping with Cryoport Systems, they quickly saw that other couples in similar situations to theirs had success through our processes. “The first time we visited the new clinic, there was someone delivering reproductive materials in a Cryoport Systems’ shipper,” said Ashlee. “It felt like a sign.”

Throughout our shipping procedures, the Boyles appreciated our logistics abilities that gave them inside information into the shipping process. While their material was in-transit, our team utilized our intelligent logistics solutions to monitor elements within the shipper such as:

  • Location – Near real-time tracking using GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi triangulation
  • Temperature – Internal and external temperature monitoring
  • Pressure – Barometric pressure changes
  • Light – As a measure of security breaches, compromised packaging or premature openings

“With the emotional rollercoaster that we were going through with this process, [Cryoport Systems’ solutions and processes] made the whole ordeal mean a lot more than just a transportation service,” said Bethany.

The End with a New Beginning

The Boyles were able to conceive through the first round of IVF treatments. Their baby is due July 2023, and they couldn’t be happier.

“I’ve always wanted to be a mom,” said Ashlee. “The love [Bethany and I] have is so special, and now we get to share it with our babies.”

While their fertility journey encountered some bumps in the road, the Boyles’ story is one of success. They hope to resume their fertility journey in a few years with Bethany carrying their second child.

“All of our embryos are still with CNY Fertility,” said Bethany. “We’re open to tapping back into our relationship with Cryoport Systems in order to transfer our embryos to a closer clinic if the opportunity presents itself.”

To follow the Boyles’ journey, follow them on Instagram @wife_life_balance.