Shipment monitoring

Unmatched Traceability and Shipment Monitoring: Only at Cryoport

Cryoport takes pride in providing complete transparency and traceability of shipments from point of pickup to delivery. Our industry-leading condition monitoring system and custom-built logistics management platform and display is configured to provide enhanced visibility to our customer service team for continuous monitoring of your valuable IVF materials throughout the entire shipment process down to the smallest detail.

Our solutions track location, temperature, pressure, light, orientation, humidity and shock events of the shipment, which are the key attributes that impact material quality in temperature-controlled shipping. If the shipment experiences an in-transit event such as tilting or temperature warming, our 24/7/365 superior customer service team will be notified via an automated alert system to immediately intervene, preventing any potential viability to your precious reproductive materials. The condition monitoring system collects data using wireless communication while the shipment is in transit, transmitting and reporting that data near real-time through our logistics management platform and display interface. Our solutions are fully integrated to view the captured data in a single, robust platform that simplifies the shipping experience for all parties, providing complete peace of mind because our team never loses sight of your valuable materials throughout the entire temperature-controlled process.

Cryoport’s shipping expertise in the reproductive medicine industry and its unrivaled technology capabilities ensure your valuable materials reach their destinations in prime condition through our detailed processes and streamlined communication between clinics, patients and Cryoport. Our team of shipping and industry experts is well-equipped to handle intended parents’ irreplaceable materials utilizing cutting-edge technology and is dedicated to mitigating risk in the shipment process. Our experienced customer service team understands how important each shipment is and will be with you every step of the way. When it can’t be replaced, trust Cryoport.

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