Jackie Frost interview

Condition Monitoring Q&A with Jackie Frost, Associate Director of Reproductive Medicine

Cryoport Systems’ intelligent logistics solution is the foundation of our industry-leading supply chain services. Our Smartpak® condition monitoring system provides near real-time information about a shipment’s condition throughout its entire journey. For clinics and intended parents, that means the shipped reproductive materials are constantly being monitored to ensure the integrity of these materials remains intact.

To understand how our condition monitoring system supports the shipping needs of the reproductive medicine industry, we spoke with Jackie Frost, Associate Director of Reproductive Medicine at Cryoport Systems. Frost answered six important questions on how Cryoport Systems’ condition monitoring system tracks the shipment of reproductive materials and how the Smartpak® plays a key role in Cryoport Systems’ supply chain expertise.

1. What information about a shipment does our Smartpak® condition monitoring system provide?

“The Smartpak® gathers logistical data on a shipment. For example, it tells us the shipper’s location, the internal temperature and pressure, and humidity levels. We monitor that information throughout every step of a shipment’s journey. Our monitoring team can know exactly where a shipment is and how the materials inside are being maintained.”

2. When does Cryoport Systems begin monitoring an IVF shipment?

“We start monitoring as soon as a shipper is activated. A shipper’s journey starts in a Cryoport logistics center. There, we’ll activate the Smartpak® so that the shipper is monitored even before it reaches the clinic. That way when a clinic receives the shipper for material loading, we know that the shipper has maintained the perfect environment for those precious materials.”

3. What happens if there’s an issue with the shipper during its journey?

“We’ll know of any issue right away because of the Smartpak®. The system transmits the data to our monitoring system, the Cryoportal® 2, as soon as it’s recorded. It will alert us of the issue and then we can contact the courier or intercede directly to assist the shipment.”

4. How do you communicate with the clinics if an issue with the shipment arises?

“Direct communication is very important to us and our clients, so we contact the necessary parties right away if there’s an issue with a shipment. We’ll reference both the client’s name and order number to ensure that the receiving clinic knows exactly what shipment we’re talking about.”

5. How does our condition monitoring system benefit both clinical technicians and intended parents?

“Clinical technicians like our system because they don’t have to question whether a client’s material arrived safely. They can see the temperature ranges and all the other details that validate the material’s journey. Intended parents really benefit from the added peace of mind. We help take the stress out of the shipping process because the risk of a what-if is reduced when you can track down the shipment at any point.”

6. How does our condition monitoring system compare to other courier tracking systems?

“There is really no other system that provides as much insight as our intelligent logistics solution does. Some couriers say that they can provide shipping tracing, but it’s only a tracking number. A tracking number can’t give you the inside information on how a shipper performed.”

When it comes to your precious materials, our intelligent logistics solution provides insight for added peace of mind. For specific information on how our condition monitoring system has benefited intended parents, check out our IVF Smartpak® intervention case study.