Shipping Checklist for Transporting Frozen Reproductive Material

Transporting reproductive material is a necessary part of many intended parents’ IVF journey. Whether the reason for shipping sensitive material is to transport gametes to a new clinic or travel with families to a new home in a different country, effective planning is essential to ensure a safe journey.

Cryoport Systems is the most trusted provider of safe transportation for sensitive materials such as sperm, eggs, and embryos. Our team understands the significance of reliable planning and can handle the entire process for you from shipper collection to the coordination of transportation and logistics. While we can assist you through this shipment process, there are a few steps intended parents must take to initiate their transportation journey. Here are five crucial actions intended parents need to do to start the process of sensitive material shipping with Cryoport Systems.

  1. Notify the Clinics
    For intended parents who contacted Cryoport Systems independently, you must notify your current clinic that you intend to transport your embryos, eggs, or sperm. The current clinic will need to know the details of the receiving clinic of your choice and will need to be connected with your contact on the Cryoport Systems’ team. For intended parents who were referred to Cryoport Systems by their initial clinic, this step will only entail facilitating communication between the initial and receiving clinic and Cryoport Systems. In both cases, providing clear and up-to-date information to all parties is key to coordinating a smooth transfer.
  2. Complete Necessary Paperwork
    Before any shipment can take place, the proper paperwork must be completed. Your current clinic will have documents you must sign to release the embryos, eggs, or sperm. This step is vital as it ensures proper compliance with legal and ethical codes. There are two types of documentation involved: transportation documentation provided by Cryoport Systems and clinic documentation, which includes medical records and details about the samples being shipped. All paperwork must be in place before your transportation journey can begin.
  3. Verify Receiving Clinic’s Requirements
    No two reproductive clinics are exactly the same. You will need to contact the second clinic to understand their requirements for receiving sensitive material transports. The clinic may have specific paperwork and protocols that need to be followed. Be prepared to provide any additional information or documentation they might need. Ensuring that all paperwork is complete on both ends is crucial for a seamless transfer process.
  4. Obtain a Formal Quote and Order Form from Cryoport Systems
    Whether this step is completed before or after speaking with your initial clinic about a transfer, Cryoport Systems will provide you with a formal quote for the shipping services to establish you as a client. Our team can help you understand the total cost of our services and the breakdown of each step in our transportation process. We believe that transparency is key in communicating with our clients and are here to help with any questions you may have about your sensitive material’s journey.
  5. Complete the Cryoport Systems’ Order Form
    Once you have received the formal quote and discussed the details with our team, you will need to complete the Cryoport Systems’ order form. This form contains essential information about the shipment such as the pickup and delivery details, clinic contact information, and other specifics. From here, Cryoport Systems will contact both the shipping and receiving clinics to coordinate the shipment. We make sure to notify you once we have determined when your sensitive materials should arrive at their new clinic location.


Navigating the process of shipping frozen reproductive material can be overwhelming, but with a well-organized approach and the right partner, you can have the peace of mind that your materials will arrive safely at their new destination. For more information on our reproductive shipping competencies, check out our reproductive medicine clinic brochure.